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Digital Designer / Frontend developer



Emelie Hagbranth, Digital Designer

Project background

Building a WordPress theme for our new website

Like the expression “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot” it had for a while been too much focus on our clients and too little on our very own website. It was time to create a new website built from scratch using WordPress as the CMS. We created our very own Agrowth-theme using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and based it on IBM’s design system, Carbon design system.

The main objective was to create a platform Agrowth could use as a playground, to continuously be able to refine and perfect everything from SEO, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and UX.

Agrowth service cards with icons and descriptions

A website with focus on conversion and usability

Service icons

Because visual assets are an important part of any website

The service icons were created in order to easily describe what we do and help the website’s visitors to navigate the site. The icons are designed with a pixel perfect mindset and is influenced by the way Google creates their product icons. With hard shadows, geometric shapes following the pixel grid as closely as possible. The challenge was, of course, making the icons understandable. Not quite sure this is accomplished since Growth Strategy, Growth Analysis, SEO, Channel strategy are not easily converted to icons.

An online fashion store would be prefered. But challenges are always forcing you to develop your skillset.


UI-design examples of the new website design

Here are a few screen examples of the new Agrowth website.

Website design 2.0 - Front page example
Website design 2.0 - Mega menu example
Website design 2.0 - Interactive about us section
Website design 2.0 - Blog post example
Website design 2.0 - Service page hero section
Website design 2.0 - Blog post example of hero section
Website design 2.0 - Blog post carousel containing cards with important information

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