Digital Product

Digital Product called Morning monster with a running cute monster






Digital Designer



Johan Schneider, Digital Designer
Ida Nyssönnen, Business Designer
Pao Fernandez, Developer
André Hjalmarsson, Developer
Blerand Bahtiri, UX-designer

Project background

How to improve sleeping habits through a digital product?

This is a project as part of my internship at Humblebee in Gothenburg. A team of six student with various backgrounds and nationalities came together to validate and create a MVP of a digital product idea. This is the process of how we ended up with a cute little monster to help people, and especially kids, create healthier sleeping habits. This page will be updated continuously.

Digital Product mobile loading screen design mockup

Slow-started every morning? Say hello to your morning monster

Digital Product - Pink loading screen for app design with Morning monster logotype
Digital Product - login screen for app design
Digital Product - start screen for app design
Digital Product - Pink alarm clock screen with monster in the middle
Digital Product - AR example screen of bedroom
Digital Product - Friend's list to show if any monster's are connectable

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