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Johan Schneider, Digital Designer

Project background

Co-branding of both INT3 Software and their anti-cheating product

Int3 Software came to us with a vision to brand both their new company and their upcoming anti-cheating software. As part of the, not so normal branding brief, help with naming their product, have a clear separation between the “cool gaming software” and the more calm company and still have a clear tie between the two.

In this project, I worked together with Johan Schneider, a digital designer as myself, and during the five-week design process, we believe that we accomplished what we set out to do.

Branding project - Brandbook of Int3 Software with the logotype page showing

How to create a company & product brand – Separate, yet similar

Brand Promises

To understand the different brand promises - Company vs Product

For us to establish brand guidelines we first needed to understand what the actual different promises that company vs product gives the customers. For could we find similarities that can be adapted to any future products Int3 Software might develop?

What we found was that Int3 Software promises its customers competency and good values. Something that can ripple down to their current and upcoming products.

If we take the current product as an example. It promises an anti-cheating software that truly works & the good values are to equal out the playing fields and make it more fun to play online games without cheaters.

Int3 Software branding pattern
Branding Int3 Software - Four logotype usages
Branding Int3 Software - Frontside of envelope design with brand pattern
Branding Int3 Software - Backside of envelope design with pattern
Branding Int3 Software - Information side of business card
Branding Int3 Software - Frontside of business card
Branding Equ8 - Product pattern
Branding Equ8 - Four logotype examples
Branding Equ8 - Marketing material with text and hands coming out of computer screen
Branding Equ8 - Marketing material of folder with a gaming guy in front of computer

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