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Website Redesign

English desktop version of new website redesign for Express Delivery Sweden


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Project background

A website redesign to match a more mature brand

Express Delivery Sweden is a logistics company based in Gothenburg that helps businesses around the world with solving complex logistics problem. The goal for the new website redesign was to leave the startup feeling and enter a more mature and professional look. The new website is built on WordPress with ACF and IBM’s Carbon Design System.

In the end, a happy client and a happy me.

Website redesign example - Front page hero section
Website redesign example - Service cards of Express Delivery Sweden
Website redesign example - CTA-section and FAQ
Website redesign example - Industry solutions page
Website redesign example - Blog with contact information popup
Website redesign example - Product cards with custom transportation icons
Multi-language support

Many markets demands a website supported for multiple languages

Since Express Delivery Sweden is active in many markets the second round of the website redesign included the implementation of a multi-language support. As of today the website have Swedish, Norweigan, Danish, Finnish, English and German.

Website redesign example - Multi-language support for Swedish, Danish, Finish, German, Norwegian and English
Website redesign - Front page for Finland version
Website redesign - Blog page for Finland version
Website redesign - German contact information pop-up
Website redesign - German card design
Website redesign - German contact page
Website redesign - Finnish service page