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Project background

Making images a more natural part of designing signs online

Skyltmax has sold millions of customized signs to individuals and businesses worldwide since its establishment in 2008. One of the reasons for their tremendous success has been their online design tool, which allows users to create their own signs precisely as they envision, directly through the website. Users have the flexibility to customize everything, from size and colors to materials, fixing methods, and text/images.

In response to the diverse needs of users who design signs online, Skyltmax embarked on a project to integrate images seamlessly into the design process. The primary focus was on improving users’ ability to find and incorporate images into their designs. To achieve this goal, Skyltmax initiated a User Experience (UX) project centered around the image archive. They recognized the importance of providing customers with an intuitive and efficient method of accessing relevant images during the design process, aiming to enable users to create their desired signs and ultimately increase the design tool’s conversion rate.

TL;DR Skyltmax updated the category system and implemented a search functionality within the image archive. This enhanced discoverability capability not only saved users time and ensured they found what they were looking for but also allowed the company to gather valuable insights into user preferences and needs.

iPhone screen where the image archive in the middle of searching for images

Search and you shall receive. At least an image.

Discoverability via search

Continuously improving searchability over time

By analysing the search data, Skyltmax gained a deeper understanding of popular image categories and trending themes. This empowered them to curate the image archive effectively, ensuring it contained a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of visuals aligned with customer demands.

Integrating the enhanced image archive seamlessly into the sign design process, customers now have the option to upload their own images or explore our curated collection. This improvement significantly enhances the usability and overall satisfaction of customers engaging with the design process.

This project demonstrates the commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centric innovation. By optimising the image archive’s search functionality and leveraging user insights, Skyltmax provides a seamless and enjoyable design journey, empowering customers to create personalised signs tailored to their unique needs.

The process of curating the image archive is simple:

  1. Take the top search terms that generates no search results
  2. Order translations for these search terms for Skyltmax’s 20 markets
  3. Once the translations arrive, tag the current images with the translations or add new images.
  4. The top search terms will now show a relevant image

Each ordered batch of translations heavily increase the percentage of searches with a results. Also improving the search experience for the users.

Statistics of how much better the search results where after each iteration. From 40 to over 80 percent coverage.
Discoverability via categories

The search for the perfect image is not always achieved with search functionality

Some users use the search functionality and others rather click through the image archive by browsing images. Due to the efforts to improve the overall discoverability Skyltmax also needed to improve finding images via the category system.

The solution is a clever, yet simple, sorting structure where they order categories based on how often the images inside the category is used. Skyltmax also sort the images on image level. So, the first image within each category is that category’s number one image in term of usage. Pretty nifty!

Image archive sorting system explained with both the image level and category level sorting based on image use count.

More discoverable images means higher conversion rate

When evaluation how the conversion rate for users using the image archive Skyltmax saw an improvement of +18.92%. This means that more people interacting with the image archive actually continued until purchase. The likely reason for this is that users were less likely to get frustrated being unable to find a suiting image for their sign design.

Final results with three mobile screens showing three different states of the image archive. Also displayed is a badge of +18.92% which is the improved conversion rate.