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App Prototype


An individual school project to create a travel app prototype in ten days. My idea was to create a travel app with focus on sustainability that catches the inspiration which influencers give their followers and use this to generate revenue.

The branding inspiration for the app comes from the most experienced travelers on land. Caribou, a north-american reindeer known for its long travels. The colors, shapes and style is based on the mountain scenery and enviroment in which the Caribou lives and since experienced travelers, influencers, is the idea. Why not use the Caribou to represent this?

Final result logotype



Final result logotype



Final result logotype


Final result logotype

The Grid

Final result logotype

The Lines

Final result logotype

The Logo

Sketch App


Final result logotype


Final result



This branding project was made together with my partner Johan Schneider and turned out really nice. When first meeting our customer INT3 Software we realised that they needed branding for their company, INT3, and especially for their new anti-cheating software for which they had no name.

So, doing both a product and company branding at the same time made it extra important for us to stay focused on what the company's customer promise compared to the product's customer promise was, and brand them individually with certain parts of recognition for the main company.

Int3 -

One & Zero -

Base for the "3"

Final logo

EQU8 - To make equal

Negative space

Letters based on the "8"

Final logo

Final result


Web development

Icon set


My first icon set was created as part of a school project. We were to find a digital solution for a company educating leaders.

In order to create an interface easily recognizable me and my classmates decided that we needed custom-made icons.

This is my solution created to be part of the whole branding of the site itself.

Icons can't show Icons can't show


I have already mentioned the branding possitibilies and versatility that this icon set enables. But I am not done yet.

The bend, and foundation of all icons, can also be the component in creating patterns to even further enpower the brand.

Final result







Log out





Photo manipulation


Castle of sand is a personal poster design created because sometimes you just have to follow through on those crazy ideas you have in your head.

So, after walking past the nearby castle in my hometown Växjö I snapped a photo and later spent 60 hours in order to create one of the greatest photo manipulations of my portfolio. Please enjoy!

Final result

Final Result


Job application

When the Swedish E-sport team Alliance was looking for a new graphic designer I made it into a big project. This included 60-70 hours spent to code an Alliance-styled resume site and also creating work samples of new Facebook cover image designs and to design a new team jersey.

Check it out! It's awesome.

New jersey design

Facebook cover image

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My name is Max Thunberg and I am a digital designer, located in Gothenburg, looking for an awesome employer.

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